Modern Abrasives Middle East W.L.L is engaged in converting operations of coated abrasives. Our state of the art facility sources high quality abrasives in Jumbo Roll quantities and converts them in to various formations such as Sanding Belts, Rolls, Discs and Sheets depending upon the customer’s usage requirements.

Our business concept is to offer a full range of highest quality coated abrasive products to end-customers and distributors within the global market in combination with an outstanding distribution and service offer.

Our ambition is to reinforce our market-leading position in the wood industry, while at the same time widening our assortment and service to achieve a strong global presence also within the global metal, automotive and composites industry.

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We cater for customers from various industrial backgrounds and accordingly; we process abrasive material as per their requirements. Our comprehensive range of Coated Abrasives includes;

- Paper Wide Sanding Belts

- Cloth Wide Sanding Belts

- Paper Narrow Sanding Belts

- Cloth Narrow Sanding Belts

- Paper Sanding Rolls

- Cloth Sanding Rolls

- Sanding Discs in Paper & Film

- Sanding Accessories



Modern Abrasives Midvdle East has signed an agreement with a leading European abrasives manufacturer that will further strengthen its foothold over the local market....
Modern Abrasives are currently running a special offer with price support on selected Hermes Random Orbital Sanding Machines & other accessories from Hermes...